Don't Worry, You're Not the Only One Needing to Know....

Your studio needs to register via our events page.

Students can independently enter solos, duos and trios via our events page.

Studios will need to enter all troupes.


Q: What is a Title?

Entering a solo with a title makes your routine eligible for our Dance Awards, the championships of all championships. The top 5 scoring soloists across all styles will compete for the title of "The West Dance Awards" Receiving a championship belt and cash prize.

Q: What is the age cut off?

Age is as of 1 of Jan 2021 for all troupe sections & Dec31st 2021 for all solo sections.

Q: How much are tickets to watch?

All spectating is free, except for our finals night.

Q: can i only put 1 routine up for title?

You can put a title on as many routines as you like to give you the best chance of making top 5, but only your highest scoring routine will be eligible.

Studios can qualify more then once in troupe division

Q: are sections unclassified?

No. We have three divisions:
GOLDEN AWARDS - dancers that have not previously places 1st.

PLATINUM AWARDS - dancers that have previously placed 1st, or compete in open or equivalent.

DIAMOND AWARDS - dancers that have places 1st, 2nd or 3rd in an open division or equivalent within the 6 months prior to our event.

Q: what prizes are given?

We award gorgeous trophy's for all sections in 1st, 2nd and 3rd, HM ribbons are given on the judges discretion.

Hall of Fame dancers will receive Tiara's, a sash and a trophy.
The West Dance awards Championships and the Academy Award Troupe Championships receive a champion belt, runner up trophy and cash prize.
Technical Excellence, Outstanding Choreography, Outstanding Performance/Performer will be award in both troupes and solos with a large double column trophy.
State Champion Studio will be awarded based on an aggregate point system, this studio will receive a cash prize and championship belt.

Q: are stocking required?

Stockings are to be worn at own discreation, except for classical, broadway acro and tap where they are required unless costume  covers your legs.

Q: will i be competing everyday?

We will do our best to schedule your age division across limited days.

All troupes will compete over Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

Q: when are awards done?

Awards are presented at the end of the morning, afternoon or evening session, except for Tiny & Mini Divisions, these will be awarded immediately.